Product Detiles

Configuration and use:

Main antenna: an integrated transceiver antenna with independent control function.

Auxiliary antenna: it also has detection function and alarm function.

Configuration 1: One main antenna can take one secondary antenna, forming two integrated transceiver antennas.

Configuration 2: One main antenna can be equipped with a maximum of two secondary antennas, forming three integrated transceiver antennas

Antenna size: 1506*413*27mm

Antenna weight: primary antenna: 9.5kg Secondary antenna: 7.5kg


Metal acoustic magnetic anti-theft equipment

Product Description:

High strength ABS material, cast aluminum base, firm.

Inside the host and inside the device, the installation is very simple and generous, plug and use, without external host.

The adaptive system is adopted to detect the environmental interference and reset the optimal state automatically.

Strong metal shielding ability, almost zero false alarm.

Simple debugging - mobile phone remote control debugging, simple instructions, anyone can debug

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