The Benefits of Electronic Article Surveillance In Retail

January 31, 2023

If you're a retailer wondering whether an EAS system is right for your store, here are 6 benefits in introducing one:

1. Theft deterrent – The primary function of an EAS system is to obviously detect (and deter) theft. With electronic tags being omnipresent in today's world, the presence of one on a product will at the very least, make anyone with any intentions of stealing, think twice. If they have to think twice, then the likelihood of them going through with their intentions will be less.

2. Improves staff safety – The deterrent effect of EAS systems will mean that the store will be less of a target for shoplifters, which takes much pressure off staff – they will no longer have the responsibility of constantly monitoring people, allowing them to go about their primary roles without worry.

3. Encourages an open display of products – The whole concept of retailing changed forever when the idea of displaying goods in the open, for customers to pick themselves, was hit upon. Sadly, the prospect of theft has led to many retailers to display certain items behind locked cases or closed shelves – a physical barrier that prevents the casual shopper from making an impulse purchase. By placing EAS tags on such items instead, a retailer can cater for its security and still leave them in the open for customers to browse.

4. Improves Customer Service – With competition being somewhat high in the retail game, price reductions and promotions are regularly brought out in the race to get ahead. Often though, it's the in-store experience that customers value – and great customer service is key. Any empty shelves that are caused as a result of security measures, theft or poor store productivity is the embodiment of poor customer service. With EAS tags, the priority of the store can switch from constantly ensuring they have stringent security to improving customer service; ensuring that shelves are stocked and staff are around to answer queries from customers.

5. Ease of Operation – The poetic factor of EAS tags is that they are easy to use but without the accompanying removal device, are difficult to remove. Tags are available in a range of types and sizes, suited to the different types of products that need to be protected – anything from electronics, clothing, alcohol, perfume, etc. Tags (or labels) take just a matter of seconds to attach and to deactivate – allowing staff to deal with the stocking and sales of products efficiently, which can only further help customer service.

6. Return on Investment – As a retailer, you will know that the best products are ones that are able to pay back their investment time and again. EAS systems and tags have a long, effective life – requiring no maintenance, they can reused with only the purchase of self-adhesive labels and the labour costs of attaching them being the only costs. If you think about how much money it'll save the business in preventing theft, then it is an investment truly worth making.

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