What Are Security Tags

March 23, 2023

Security Tag is a small signal transmitter that is put on the merchandise that is required to be protected. The Security Tag sends the signal to EAS antennas to make an alarm. For instance, if the thief tries to steal the cloth or item and takes them to the exit without removing the tag, there will be an alarm.

EAS security tags:

EAS (electronic article surveillance) security tags are widely used in shops. They keep an undisrupted connection with the antenna that is at the entrance of the shop. If the EAS tag is too close to the antenna, the alarm will alert the retail staff about the theft. EAS security tags are quickly and easily deactivated by the retail staff, using a deactivation pad or a detacher.

Electronic Article Surveillance Antenna

EAS Antennas are often installed at the entrance of the store, overhead, or beneath the entrance floor.

Such antennas are connected with security tags which are installed to clothes or other individual products. When the security tag is close to the antenna, the alarm warns the retail staff about the shoplifting.

Installing the correct EAS system depends on the usage and needs of the stores. If you have time and your budget allows, you can install a trial system to decide what kind of technology is better for your store.

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