Different Types Of EAS Security tags

March 23, 2023

There are two types of EAS security tags, RF and AM, that is why we should know the difference between them and where they are used.

Radio Frequency (RF) technology is often used with retailers who use security tags. The RF electronic article surveillance comprises hard tags or soft labels, and normally one or more antennas at the entrance. The security tags have tiny circuits that resonate between 7.4 to 8.8 MHz, with the most popular frequency being 8.2 MHz.

EAS (RF) security tags are used for a variety of items, including clothes, food, or pharmacy products. Security tags can be deactivated by using a Label Deactivator to break the tag’s circuit, but some of the tags can be deactivated only with a powerful magnetic security tag detacher.

Acousto Magnetic (AM) provides more flexibility for the installation of the antennas than RF, which can be installed at the entrance of the store or be hidden within door frames. The Acousto Magnetic system operates at 58 kHz, which means it sends out in pulses 50-90 times in a second. AM security tags work better when the other technologies can fail. Such tags are used in department stores, hardware stores, and by the retailers who sell products with metallic components.

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